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Statistic-Non Cancer Disease


Results of clinical trials
Treatment of non-oncological diseases using GA-40
​The Region of Eastern Europe (2009-20013)










































​GA-40  Treatment of Non-Oncological Diseases 

Except for oncologic diseases, based on its multilateral pharmacological properties GA-40 is used for the treatment of various diseases. It has an especially high therapeutic efficiency for the treatment of those diseases which depend on the immune response of the organism and are subjected to immunotherapy.

GA-40 consists of peptides having various pharmacological properties identified from medicinal plants. Particularly, it contains not only cancer cells depleting peptides,   but also an immunomodulatory, antioxidant, anti-angiogenesis, antiviral, antibacterial, removing heavy metals from the organism, and regulatory peptides having other pharmacological properties.

Respectively, the variety of medicinal properties of GA-40, as peptide complex is due to different pharmacological properties of peptides consisting it.

Clinical and preliminary clinical tests have revealed that the use of GA-40 is recommended during complex therapy or as monotherapy for the treatment and prevention of the below diseases:

  • Autoimmune: scleroderma, autism, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's.

  • Allergic: bronchial asthma, etc.

  • Viral infections: viral hepatitis (B, C, D, B +, F ..), cytomegalovirus (CMV), herpes virus (HSV-2), herpes Zoster virus  (VZV), HIV infection/AIDS, meningitis virus, coronavirus.

  • Bacterial infections: tuberculosis, 

  • Parasitic infections: trichomonas.

  • Pulmonary chronic obstructive diseases.

  • Diseases of the urogenital system: prostatitis adenoma, cystitis, ovarian inflammation, a disorder of sexual function, spermatogamy, weak potency, infertility, immunological infertility, menstrual disorders, restoration of ovulation.

  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: non-viral hepatitis – cirrhosis, stomach and duodenal ulcer, chronic gastritis, diarrhea, chronic non-gallstone cholecystitis.

  • Cardiovascular diseases: postinfarction, post-stroke and postoperative rehabilitation, cerebral atherosclerosis, weak coronal blood circulation.  

  • To enhance the body's adaptive capacity.

  • To maintain the functional activity of organs and systems.

  • Fatigue, relaxation, recovery of energy, recovery of vital forces.

  • Raises mood (character), physical and mental fatigue.

  • Early aging (rejuvenation and life extension).

Immunotherapeutic and anti-carcinogenic drug GA-40 has been used for 15 years, and not only in our country but also in many countries of the world. Today we can say with confidence that our innovative treatment drugs give hope for a healthy and long life.

We hope that you will discover how effective the GA-40 to restore and enhance the immune system as effective for the prevention, prevention and the fight against cancer and other serious diseases.

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