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Our Innovations

Scientists of our Company are united by one mission – discovery and

development of innovative medicines, which address and solve the

most important unmet medical needs of our time to bring hope to

people for new, healthy and long life.

Alexis Company is the first in use of plant origin natural peptides as

innovative medicines, which have no analogues in the world.

Our plant origin peptides are harmless and high clinical efficacy natural

medicines, which heal and enhance the body's own ability to fight

diseases in the following  therapeutic areas: infectious diseases,

oncology, leukemia, immunology,  urology, dermatology, sexual

disorders and gerontology.

Georgia, our home country, with its Georgian flora is essentially rich with medicinal endemic plants. We focus on the research and discovery of biologically active and natural new polypeptides and peptides from ecologically pure plants known for their medicinal properties and used for centuries in Georgia.

These plant origin peptides, like well-known animal cytokines, show anti-cancer, immunomodulating, anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-oxidant, fibroblast stimulating, anti-angiogenesis action and other wide range of pharmacological activities.

In our work, we developed new approaches that allow us to create new technologies (Know-how), enable us to purposefully, logically and rationally discover innovative, non-toxic, biologically active polypeptides and peptides of plant origin with the above-mentioned properties.
The strategy of Alexis Company is to harness the best science in the world, either from our own laboratories or through collaboration with academia, pharmaceutical companies and clinics of worldwide.

Most of our peptide nature medicines have passed preclinical and clinical trials and shown that they are safe and have a high therapeutic efficacy for the treatment of Cancer, Skin Cancer, Leukemia, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis C, Herpes Zoster and other viral, auto-immune, Prostatitis, Chronic Nephritis, Sexual disorders, Infertility, early aging (problems of rejuvenate and life prolongation) and other harmful diseases.
Today we can safely say that the treatment with our innovative medicines gives hope for a healthy and long life to many people with severe diseases.

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