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​Results of clinical trials
Treatment of oncological diseases using GA-40
The Region of Eastern Europe (2009-20013)

























































GA-40 has 8 powerful effects on the body. 

6 of those are attacks on cancer.

  1. GA-40 directly and selectively acts on cancer cells and causes their destruction via apoptosis.

  2. GA-40 directly acts on Human Myeloid Leukemic cells and induces their differentiation into mature normal Myeloid cells.

  3. Ga-40 directly acts on peripheral blood mononuclear cells and causes their activation and the subsequent secretion of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and interferon (INF-Y). These cytokines cause the destruction of cancer cells via apoptosis.

  4. GA-40 directly acts and activates cytotoxic-T cells, cytotoxic macrophages, and cytotoxic neutrophils. These cytotoxic cells recognize, surround, and destroy cancer cells.

  5. GA-40 indirectly activates Natural killer Cells. These NK-cells recognize, surround, and destroy cancer cells.

  6. GA-40 is an anti-angiogenesis factor, reduces the level of the vascular epithelial cell growth factor (VEGF) in the blood. Inhibits the formation of new blood vessels in the tumor, inhibits tumor growth, and prevents the spread of metastases in the body via the blood circulatory system by blocking tumor angiogenesis.

  7. GA-40 causes activation of macrophages and neutrophils phagocytosis, which promotes neutralization and elimination of destroyed tumor fragments and prevents intoxication of the organism.

  8. GA-40 shows anti-oxidant activity and thus causes neutralization of free radicals in the body, decrease intoxication and side effects caused by the treatment of chemo and radiotherapy.

GA-40 has no side effects, no contraindications, and accordingly is completely harmless for the patients.
First stage: monotherapy with GA-40 when the size of the tumor is not more than 1 cm, causing complete regression of the tumor. If the tumor size over 1 cm, permanent and long-term monotherapy with GA-40 or in combination with chemo/radiotherapy before surgery provides the regression of the latent metastasis, reduced growth of the primary tumor, stabilization and partial reduction in size. This treatment ensures the transfer of patients in operable conditions when with high probability exclude the occurrence of relapses. The monotherapy GA-40 after surgery virtually eliminates recurrences.
The second and third stages: monotherapy with GA-40 or in combination with chemo or radiotherapy causes complete regression of latent and fixed metastasis, a suspension of growth of a primary tumor, and partial regression, localization and translation of the patient in operable condition. Permanent and long-term monotherapy (or in combination with chemo - and radiotherapy) in most cases causes complete regression of the tumor and complete recovery.
Fourth stage: in cases of patients with advanced, incurable cancer (4 st., when the patient is refused all conventional methods of cure), prolonged application of GA-40 improves the quality of life and life extension.

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