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At Medical & Biological Scientific Research Center Alexis, we are united by one mission – discovery and development of innovative medicines to bring hope to people for new, healthy, and long life. With the overarching goal of improving people’s health and quality of life, our scientists are breaking new ground in the development of the new generation of safety and high-efficiency plant peptide origin medicines.
Our company works closely with Georgian and other countries’ clinics to bring advanced, effective treatments in the following therapeutic areas: infectious diseases, oncology, leukemia, immunology, urology, dermatology, sexual disorders and gerontology.

We believe that Georgia’s intellect in science, its experience in popular medicine, its diverse medical flora and collaboration with academia, pharmaceutical companies, and clinics worldwide, will enable to contribute to the development of a new era of biological treatment of various diseases.

If you are interested in what we do, contact us with your suggestions. We are open to cooperation.

Giorgi Ya. Alexidze 
Doctor of Biology, Professor, 
St. Andrew the First-Called Georgian
University of the Patriarchate of Georgia. 
President and Global Head, Research and Development, 
Medical & Biological Scientific Research Center Alexis.

Click here to read Dr. Alexidze's biography.

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