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About GA-40 In Brief

ALEXIS developed special tests that reveal new, biologically active plant origin natural

peptides, possessing characteristics of human cytokines (a class of immunoregulatory

peptides, that are secreted by cells of the immune system). The new innovative

immunotherapeutic and anti-cancer medicine, GA-40, is one of our patented products

derived from this powerful discovery.

GA-40 is a complex of natural peptides obtained from ecologically pure raw materials

of plant origin. It represents a standardized combination of peptides identified by

biochemical and chromatographically methods. In medical practice, it is used as a

colorless injection solution.



GA-40 is patented (Patent P 2256).


GA-40 is registered in:

Georgia –registration: № R- 014515, № R-015768, Immunomodulator code: LO3A and Antineoblastic, code: L01C;

Ukraine – registration: № UA/6435/01/01, Immunomodulator code: LO3A and Antineoblastic, code: L01C;

Kyrgyzstan –registration: ser. P-2019-583 KP, № 7770, Immunomodulator code: LO3A and Antineoblastic, code: L01C;

Russian Federation – issued a preregistration certificate, RegNx: 114917 RegWorkNx: 55746. AS.



GA-40 has passed preclinical and clinical trials in the following organizations:

Medical & Biological Scientific Research Centre – Company;

Research Laboratory of Biomedical Technologies, St. Andrew the First-Called Georgian University of the Patriarchate of Georgia;

Gvamichava National Centre of Oncology of Georgia;

Clinical and Experimental Research Institute of Tbilisi State Medical University;

Tbilisi №1 Dispensary for Skin and Venereal Diseases of the Ministry of Healthcare of Georgia;

Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology, and Radiobiology at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;

Department of Biochemistry of Ukrainian State University;

Bukovina State Medical University of Ukraine;

Centre of Oncology of Ukrainian Medical Academy;

Laboratory of Cell Signal Mechanisms of the I.Paladin Institute of Biochemistry at Ukrainian Medical Academy;

Medical Research Institute of Physical Chemistry at the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation;

Pharmacological Department of the Medical University of Russian Federation;

Research Institute of the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Japan Tokushima Cell Technology Institute, Japan;

Fuji Memorial Institute of the Preclinical Research, Bivako/Japan;

Hanoi Research Center of Cancer Research Laboratories, Japan;

Tokushima Otsuka Immunology Research Institute, Japan;

Tokushima Institute of New Drug Research and Safety Evaluation, Japan;

The University of Washington, School of Medicine, Cancer Research laboratory, Department of Pathology, Seattle, USA.

What determines the uniqueness and high healing effectiveness of GA-40?

GA-40 is absolutely harmless for the organism.

The study of GA- 40's effect using a wide spectrum of research methods (toxicological, pathomorphological, physiological, biological, histostructural, pathophysiological, and immunological ones) and it was established that GA-40 does not cause local irritant or allergic effects, acute or chronic toxicoses, specific types of chronic toxicity, mutagenic activity, cumulation, reproductive toxicity, embryotoxicity, local irritants, changes in integral indices, biochemical indices, peripheral blood indices, immunotoxicity, allergic reactions, general anaphylaxis, supersensitive reactions, cytogenic and mutagenic activities, slow type supersensitive reactions, impact on the complementary system, development of normal antibodies, impact on Con-A induced inflammatory processes and generative functions of the body.

GA-40 does not cause a violation of adipose or alter carbohydrate metabolism. It does not impact or alter the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, or the ability of an organism to produce normal antibodies and does not induce the formation of antibodies against GA-40, the aspect and localization of organs, the histological structure of the lungs, renal, liver, bowels, heart, liver, spleen, intestines, pancreas, central nervous system (behavior) and other tissues of the body, as well as the alterations in body temperature and blood pressure.



GA-40 has 7 powerful effects on the body 5 of those are attacks on cancer.

   1. GA-40 directly and selectively acts on cancer cells and causes their destruction via apoptosis.









2 GA-40 directly acts on Human Myeloid Leukemic cells (HL-60) and induces their differentiation into mature normal myeloid cells.














3. Ga-40 directly acts on peripheral blood mononuclear cells and causes their activation of Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and Interferon-gamma (INF-Y)  cytokines gene expression, synthesis, and their subsequent secretion in the organism. These cytokines cause the destruction of cancer cells via apoptosis.
















 4. GA-40 activates cytotoxic-T cells (CTL), Natural killer Cells (NK-cells), activates monocyte transformation to cytotoxic macrophages (MF), and neutrophils (NF) to cytotoxic macrophages (MF) . These activated immune cells: cytotoxic - T cells, Natural killer cells, and cytotoxic macrophages recognize, surround, and destroy cancer cells.













5. GA-40 is an anti-angiogenesis factor, reduces the level of the vascular epithelial cell growth factor (VEGF) in the blood. In this way  GA-40 inhibits the formation of new blood vessels in the tumor, inhibits tumor growth, and prevents the spread of metastases in the body via blood circulatory system and formation visible and hidden metastases by blocking tumor angiogenesis. (efficiency above 70%).























6. GA-40 causes activation of macrophages and neutrophils phagocytosis, which promotes neutralization and elimination of destroyed tumor fragments, clears the blood, and prevents the intoxication of the organism.

7. GA-40 shows anti-oxidant activity and thus causes neutralization of free radicals in the body, decrease intoxication, and side effects caused by the treatment of chemo and radiotherapy.

GA-40 has the ability to detoxify the body by getting heavy metals from your body.

GA-40 Clinical Efficiency

GA-40 has no side effects, no contraindications, and accordingly is completely harmless for the patients.
First stage: monotherapy with GA-40 when the size of the tumor is not more than 1 cm, causing complete regression of the tumor. If the tumor size over 1 cm, permanent and long-term monotherapy with GA-40 or in combination with chemo/radiotherapy before surgery provides the regression of the latent metastasis, reduced growth of the primary tumor, stabilization, and partial reduction in size. This treatment ensures the transfer of patients in an operable condition when with high probability exclude the occurrence of relapses. The monotherapy GA-40 after surgery virtually eliminates recurrences.
The second and third stages: monotherapy with GA-40 or in combination with chemo or radiotherapy causes complete regression of latent and fixed metastasis, a suspension of growth of a primary tumor, and partial regression, localization, and translation of the patient in operable condition. Permanent and long-term monotherapy (or in combination with chemo - and radiotherapy) in most cases causes complete regression of the tumor and complete recovery.
Fourth stage: in cases of patients with advanced, incurable cancer, when the patient is refused all conventional methods of cure, prolonged application of GA-40 improve quality of life and life extension.



GA-40  Treatment of Non-Oncological Diseases


Except for oncologic diseases, based on its multilateral pharmacological properties GA-40 is used for the treatment of various diseases. It has an especially high therapeutic efficiency for the treatment of those diseases which depend on the immune response of the organism and are subjected to immunotherapy.

GA-40 consists of peptides having various pharmacological properties identified from medicinal plants. Particularly, it contains not only cancer cells depleting peptides,   but also an immunomodulatory, antioxidant, anti-angiogenesis, antiviral, antibacterial, removing heavy metals from the organism, and regulatory peptides having other pharmacological properties.

Respectively, the variety of medicinal properties of GA-40, as peptide complex is due to different pharmacological properties of peptides consisting it.

Clinical and preliminary clinical tests have revealed that the use of GA-40 is recommended during complex therapy or as monotherapy for the treatment and prevention of the below diseases:

  • Autoimmune: scleroderma, autism, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's.

  • Allergic: bronchial asthma, etc.

  • Viral infections: viral hepatitis (B, C, D, B +, F ..), cytomegalovirus (CMV), herpes virus (HSV-2), herpes Zoster virus  (VZV), HIV infection/AIDS, meningitis virus, coronavirus.

  • Bacterial infections: tuberculosis, 

  • Parasitic infections: trichomonas.

  • Pulmonary chronic obstructive diseases.

  • Diseases of the urogenital system: prostatitis adenoma, cystitis, ovarian inflammation, a disorder of sexual function, spermatogamy, weak potency, infertility, immunological infertility, menstrual disorders, restoration of ovulation.

  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: non-viral hepatitis – cirrhosis, stomach and duodenal ulcer, chronic gastritis, diarrhea, chronic non-gallstone cholecystitis.

  • Cardiovascular diseases: postinfarction, post-stroke and postoperative rehabilitation, cerebral atherosclerosis, weak coronal blood circulation.  

  • To enhance the body's adaptive capacity.

  • To maintain the functional activity of organs and systems.

  • Fatigue, relaxation, recovery of energy, recovery of vital forces.

  • Raises mood (character), physical and mental fatigue.

  • Early aging (rejuvenation and life extension).


Immunotherapeutic and anti-carcinogenic drug GA-40 has been used for 15 years, and not only in our country but also in many countries of the world. Today we can say with confidence that our innovative treatment drugs give hope for a healthy and long life.

​Our hope is that you discover how effective GA-40 can be in enhancing your body’s immune system and fighting cancer and other serious diseases.

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