Prof. Dr. Elena Dojkic, Center for Quantum-Genetic Diagnosis and Therapy "Molekula". Zagreb, Croatia


Comments: Hello dear doctors and all those who wish to purchase this wonderful drug! First, let me wholeheartedly thank the creator and the entire team of scientists who developed the GA-40. May God grant you health for many years! I am a geneticist by profession, and for a year now I have been suggesting to my patients to use GA-40 for the treatment of various pathologies and mutations at the genetic level, including oncological ones. If someone knows even a little about genetics, he will understand me. It is well known that cancer is not inherited, but almost every second person has a predisposition to get this plague of the 21st century. Some oncogenes take years to turn on, while others take a few hours. In my work, I conduct statistics on working with cancer patients. Regardless of the type and degree of cancer, all patients showed positive remission already at 2-4 weeks of using the drug. Until today, out of 20 of my cancer patients who have used GA-40, there is not a single death.

11:37, 21.10.2011

Prof. Dr. Elena Doikic, city: Zagreb, Croatia

Comments: Continued.

Let me give you the last example from practice: a patient, male, 56 years old. Diagnosis: stomach cancer with metastases to the esophagus, liver, large, and small intestine. The result of the genetic analysis showed a mutation of the jun D proto-oncogene. It has been scientifically proven that it is practically impossible to stop the mutation of this proto-oncogene and patients only have to expect a lethal outcome.

The operation was refused and the man was offered home treatment. The use of Tramal did not help to remove severe pain. The patient has lost 20 kilograms. The condition was critical. Therapy with GA-40 was proposed. After 5 days the pain stopped and the patient had an appetite. Stopped using Tramal.

On the 14th day of treatment, the patient underwent a blood test. The Ca-19-9 marker showed 36 U / ml, which meant that there were simply no distant metastases. On day 20, the rest of the clinical studies proved that there is no metastasis in the body. The patient's condition is satisfactory. The treatment continues. I gave this example only because for me personally it was a shock in a good understanding of this word! What was considered impossible until today is being decided before our eyes! This is just a miracle!

Dear colleagues and patients, believe in yourself and do not despair even in the most difficult situations!

11:37, 21.10.2011


1. Patient Dz.S.D., 3 years old (female).
Diagnosis: Acute megakaryoblastic leukemia - M7 (FAB). It was carried out repeated courses of chemotherapy by the scheme: BFM-ALL-90, block MNL-BFM-90AA, but full and stable remission was not reached. Physician's conclusion: state of a child's health is very serious, the diagnosis has no prospect, necessity of marrow transplantation. Analysis of marrow puncture: undifferentiated blasts - 44.75%, neutrophils - 10%, lymphocytes - 8%, platelets -single in number.
GA-40-Therapy: Single course of treatment with GA-40 monotherapy.
Physician's Report: At the beginning of treatment the child was in a coma. After the course of treatment, the child came out from hopeless state, began to walk and play with other - children. Partial remission was reached. Analysis of marrow puncture after the treatment: blasts 0 %, neutrophils - 68%, lymphocytes - 5.25%, platelets - 40.0%
Parents' Report: The child feels well.

​2. Patient V.T.V., 12 years old (female).
Diagnosis: Acute myelomonoblastic leukemia. It was carried out repeated chemotherapy, but full and stable remission was not reached. The child's health became very serious, with no appetite, asthenia. Parents flatly refused additional chemotherapy. Physicians recommended marrow transplantation. Analysis of marrow puncture: undifferentiated blasts - 80%, neutrophils - 7%, lymphocytes - 5%, platelets - single in number.
GA-40 - Therapy: Single course of treatment with GA-40 monotherapy. The treatment continues.
Physician's Report: Positive dynamics of general hematological and immunological indices. No side-effects. General condition and appetite improved. Analysis of marrow puncture: undifferentiated blasts - 15%, neutrophils - 60%, lymphocytes -36%, platelets - 51%.
Parents' Report: The child feels well.

3. Patient M.G.N., 13 years old (male).
Diagnosis: Acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Philadelphia chromosome Ph+. It was not reached full and stable remission after chemotherapy by the scheme: BFM-90, block R1M1, block R2M. The child had strong general weakness, pain, loss of weight, increased liver and spleen. Parents were strongly against additional chemotherapy and radiation. Physicians recommended marrow transplantation. Analysis of marrow puncture: undifferentiated blasts - 89.6%, neutrophils - 6.8%, lymphocytes -3.2%, platelets - single in number.
GA-40-Therapy: Single course of treatment with GA-40 monotherapy. The treatment continues.
Physician's Report: Positive dynamics of general hematological and immunological indices. No side-effects. No pain. General condition improved, activity and energy of life increased, weight gain. Analysis of marrow puncture: undifferentiated blasts - 0%, neutrophils - 36%, lymphocytes - 41%, platelets - 60%.
Parents' Report: We did not observe so good child's condition before the treatment and have great hope of the full recovery now.

​4. Patient ., 39 years old (female).
Diagnosis: Mammary gland cancer (adenocarcinoma) with metastases in the lungs. It was conducted mastectomy surgery at Moscow Oncological Center in 1989 and were realized 6 courses of chemotherapy and then 48 courses of radiotherapy. The patient began to cough in 1994 and lost her voice. At present, there are new metastases on the second treat and in the neck region, swelling hardness and hyper anemia in the umbilicus region, strong pain in the stomach region, sickness, general weakness, depressive mood, no appetite, The patient categorically refused additional chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
GA-40-Therapy: Two courses of treatment with GA-40 given alone. The treatment continues.
Physician's Report: Positive dynamics of general hematological indices. Decrease of general weakness; sickness, vomiting and cough became considerably rare; voice began to reestablish; no pain; neck lymph nodes became normal.
Parents' Report: I feel better.

5. Patient L.M.G., 43 years old (female).
Diagnosis: Mammary gland cancer (adenocarcinoma). Marked swelling of lymph nodes, pain in breast, neck, shoulder and stomach regions. Stomach ulcer, general weakness, strong depressive mood, erytropenia, lymphopenia. The patient flatly refused the operation.
GA-40 - Therapy: Two courses of treatment with GA-40 monotherapy. The treatment continues.
Physician's Report: General hematological indices completely normalized, swelling of lymph nodes disappeared. Thermo grams of the breast showed that the tumor there resolved. No pain. Recovery from a stomach ulcer. The patient feels excellent and carries on an active mode of life.
Patient's Report: I am delighted and wish more GA-40 drug for prophylactics.

6. Patient I.Ts.T., 56 years old (female).
Diagnosis: Mammary gland cancer (adenocarcinoma). Pain in the tumor region, general weakness, strong depressive mood. Patient ceased work and keeps confinement to bed. She had been proposed an operation which she flatly refused.
GA-40 - Therapy: Eight courses of treatment with GA-40 drug monotherapy for 14 months with 2 two-month intervals. The treatment continues.
Physician's Report: After a single course of treatment general biochemical and immunological blood indices normalized, the tumor became soft. According to the X-ray examination, there was decrease in tumor dimensions after three courses of treatment. At present, the tumor feels with difficulty. Pain and depressive mood disappeared, the patient returned to her duty and normal mode of life. GA-4 0 drug cure is repeated when the patient feels change for worse.
Patient's Report: I am well and full of energy. Besides, I recovered from stomach ulcers and cystitis.

7. Patient T.N.I., 69 years old (female).
Diagnosis: Both mammary glands cancer ( adenocarcinoma). Uterus myoma, multiple liver metastases, general indisposition, fever, sickness, sleeplessness, pain in chest region, loss of appetite, hallucination. The patient cannot get out of bed.
GA-40 - Therapy: Five courses of treatment with GA-40 monotherapy. The treatment continues.
Physician's Report: Positive dynamics of general hematological indices, no pain, refusing from sedative drugs, no fever, no hallucination, normal function of stomach. Patients relative, who is nursing her, a physician by profession, reports that the patient got out from hopeless condition, can sit and move. No side-effects. The patient wishes to take the drug every day. Well tolerated, no side effects.
Patient's Report: I feel interest to life again.

8. Patient Dj.N.L., 35 years old (female).
Diagnosis: Keratinizing, squamous cell cancer of uterine cervix with multiple metastases in pelvic region, thigh and lymph nodes. Strong pain in pelvis and thigh regions, general complaint, uterus bleeding, high ESR(70), vomiting. The patient takes sedative drugs.
GA-40 - Therapy: Four courses of treatment with GA-40 monotherapy. The treatment continues.
Physician's Report: Positive dynamics of general hematological indices, ESP normalized, uterus bleeding ceased, lymph nodes recovered their normal dimensions after two courses of treatment, the pain ceased, no sedative drugs, appetite improved, mood improved. No side effects, well-tolerated.
Patient's Report: I feel well; wish an increase in the dose of drug.

9. Patient Dj.M.A., 49 years old (female).
Diagnosis: Uterine cervix cancer (carcinoma) with metastases in pelvic cavity. Strong pain in pelvic region, swelling of the extremities. The patient refused chemotherapy and radiotherapy and demanded the GA-4 0 drug treatment.
GA-40 - Therapy: Two courses of treatment with GA-40 monotherapy. The-treatment continues.
Physician's Report: General hematological indices including ESR normalized, tumor resolved, swelling of the extremities ceased. The patient began to move more actively. Well tolerated, no side effects.
Patient's Report: I feel well and wish to go on the treatment with GA-40 drug.

10. Patient Ch.T.V., 52 years old (female).
Diagnosis: Ovary adenocarcinoma of vistage with multiple metastases in the stomach region and pleura cavity. It was carried out uterine extirpation with adnexa in Moscow Oncological Center. After chemotherapy patient's condition sharply got worse, general complaints, symptoms of intoxication, pain, confinement to bed.
GA-40 - Therapy: Three courses of treatment with GA-40 monotherapy. The treatment continues.
Physician's Report: General hematological indices became normal, no pain, mood improved, moves without outside assistance and walks every day. Well tolerated, no side effects.
Patient's Report: I feel very well.

11. Patient T.G.I., 58 years old (male).
Diagnosis: Weakly-differentiated cancer of left lung with metastases in supraclavicular. The diagnosis was confirmed by morphological and X-ray examinations. Loss of voice, general weakness, fever, cough, rapid breathing.
GA-40 - Therapy: Nine courses of treatment with GA-40 monotherapy. The treatment continues.
Physician's Report: Biochemical and immunological blood indices normalized after the first course of treatment. The general condition became stable after the second course and after the third, it started to improve. At present metastases disappeared and X-ray examination shows a decrease in the intensity and size of the shadow in the lung. No fever, no cough; breathing is normal; the voice is recovered. No side effects.
Patient's Report: I feel much better and ask to continue the treatment.

12. Patient Dj.T.Sh., 52 years old (male).
Diagnosis: Pulmonary apical cancer of the left lung (carcinoma) with metastases in the same lung, in lymph nodes of bronchi furcation and in 2-3 lumbar vertebrae. Cough, blood-spitting, strong general weakness, pain in the breast region, high ESR. The diagnosis was confirmed by morphological, endoscopical, X-ray, and tomographic analyses.
GA-40 - Therapy: Single course of treatment with GA-40 monotherapy. The treatment continues.
Physician's Report: Biochemical and immunological blood indices normalized after the first course of treatment. No cough; general weakness disappeared, no sedative drugs. X-ray examination shows better condition. No side effects.
Patient's Report: I feel well and ask to continue the treatment.

13. Patient T.G.G., 55 years old (male).
Diagnosis: Primary liver cancer with metastases in the lungs. Pain in region of liver, general weakness, strong depressive mood. Radiation and chemotherapy were ineffective. Biochemical analysis of blood showed high content of embryocarcinogenes and increasing activity of the following enzymes: ALT, LDG, AST, gamma-GT, alkaline phosphatase. The patient is a citizen of Germany and by the conclusion of German physicians is not operable.
GA-40 - Therapy: Four courses of treatment with GA-40 monotherapy. The treatment continues.
Physician's Report: Positive dynamics of general biochemical and immunological indices of blood. For example, after three courses of treatment, the activity of gammaglutamiltranspherase decreased from 158 to 67 (standard 18-28), asparagineaminotraspherase - from 19 to 16 (standard 15-18) and alkaline phosphatase - from 212 to 167 (standard 60-180). Pain, general weakness and depressive mood disappeared, capacity for work, and life activity restored. The patient has hope of full recovery. Well tolerated.
Patient's Report: I feel very well and wish to take the GA-40 treatment all my life.

14. Patient M.N.M., 10 years old (female).
Diagnosis: Primary liver cancer. Very grave and passive condition, enlarged liver, fever, pain in the stomach region. The patient can lie on his back. Diagnosis made on the basis of morphological and tomographical researches. It was proposed chemotherapy, which the parents of the child categorically refused.
GA-40 - Therapy: Three-course of treatment with GA-40 monotherapy. The treatment continues.
Physician's Report: Biochemical and immunological indices of blood normalized after the first course of treatment. General condition improved, pain in the stomach region ceased. The patient can lie in any position. Temperature is normal. Mood and appetite are well. No side effects.
Patient's Report: I feel well, this treatment should be continued.

15. Patient D.A.V., 39 years old (male).
Diagnosis: Spleen lymphoma. Strong pain in all body and especially in joints, fever, perspire, strong depression, lies without moving loss of 20 kg weight.
GA-40 - Therapy: Three courses of treatment with GA-40 monotherapy. The treatment is completed.
Physician's Report: Hematological indices normalized. Pain and depressive condition ceased, full mobility of extremities, full recovering in weight. Well tolerated, no side effects.
Patient's Report: I feel well; quality of life and vitality improved.

16. Patient Kh.A.M., 41 years old (male).
Diagnosis: Schmincke's tumor of the urinary bladder, disposed in submucous region. Resection of the urinary bladder with transplantation of the right ureter, metastasis in the region of postsurgical paunch. The metastasis had been removed and chemotherapy was conducted. The patient began to complain on pain in the left leg and groin region. It appeared to be edema of the left buttock and the left thigh. The association of the enlarged lymph nodes along with the left iliac vascular, hyperemia of the bladder wall in the region of the transplanted right ureter.
GA-40 - Therapy: Seven course of treatment with GA-40 monotherapy. The treatment continues.
Physician's Report: Positive dynamics of general hematological and immunological indices. Pain and edema of the left lower extremity ceased. Histological analysis showed the absence of a tumor in the bladder wall. Mood and general conditions are fine. The patient returned to an active life. Well tolerated, no side effects.
Patient's Report: Fine, I hope in this treatment only.

17. Patient G.N.N., 19 years old (female).
Diagnosis: Mixed cellular granulomatosis. Increased lymph nodes in both supraclavicular, pain, labored breathing, strong depression.
GA-40 - Therapy: Four courses of treatment with GA-40 drug in combination with chemotherapy. At present, the treatment continues with the GA-40 drug only.
Physician's Report: After seven injections of the GA-40 drug the depression ceased, breathing got normal. After the third course of treatment the increased lymph nodes normalized, the patient began an active mode of life. It should be emphasized that chemotherapy, conducted in combination with the Ga-40 drug, had no side effects according to the laboratory, as well as clinical findings. Well tolerated, no side effects.
Patient's Report: I feel very well.

18. Patient D.E.E., 55 years old (female).
Diagnosis: Lymphomatoid granulomatosis. Fever, cough, asthenia, perspiration, depression, pain, expressed cystitis. The lower part of increased lymph nodes forms a common conglomeration of nodable tissue on the furcation of bronchi. Conclusion of the computer tomography: a tumor in the region of the furcation of bronchi. Six courses of chemotherapy have been conducted.
GA-40 - Therapy: Three courses of treatment with GA-40 monotherapy. The treatment continues.
Physician's Report: Positive dynamics of general biochemical and immunological indices after the first course of treatment. General condition improved, pain and fever ceased; bursts of energy and activity, no subjective phenomena of cystitis. According to X-ray examination, the full recovery from the tumor took place after the third course of treatment. Well tolerated, no side effects.
Patient's Report: I feel well.

19. Patient R.G.A., 68 years old (female).
Diagnosis: Myeloma. Destructive changes in the region of chest vertebrae. Chemotherapy and radiation gave only a temporary improvement. A course of Katrex treatment had no positive effect. Strong pain, sedative drugs did not help; no appetite considerable loss of weight; constantly keeps his bed, permanent registration of Bens-Jonse protein in the urine.
GA-40 - Therapy: Two courses of treatment with GA-40 monotherapy. The treatment continues.
Physician's Report: Positive dynamics of general hematological indices. ERS decreased from 75 to 45. Bens-Jonse protein has not been found since the beginning of treatment. The patient gave up sedative drugs after the second course of treatment. He was bed-ridden during last year, but he can move without help for a long time now. The patient has a good appetite and life energy. Well tolerated, no side effects.
Patient's Report: I feel well.

20. Patient S.N.D., 62 years old (female).
Diagnosis: NMR-tomography showed a tumor in the parietal lobe of the brain (glioblastoma). It was carried out the surgical ablation of the tumor and was realized a course of gamma radiation by Arapov. The postsurgical relapse in the same regions with pronounced perifocal edema. Marked brain displacement in the right position on 6 mm. Strong pain, loss of speech and extremities moving ability, frequent hiccough; loss of ability getting into contact.
GA-40 - Therapy: Ten courses of treatment with GA-40 drug monotherapy for 8 months. The treatment continues.
Physician's Report: During all courses of treatment blood and urine analyses showed no pathologic changes. The patient's condition improved, headache ceased, moving ability and speech on the whole restored. Tomography shows no edema. Tumor dimensions decreased and the brain moved into a normal position. Well tolerated, no side effects.
Patient's Report: I feel much better.

21. Patient Ts.E.T., 70 YEARS OLD (FEMALE).
Diagnosis: Carcinoma in the left part of the liver with metastases in the right part T4 N3 M+. Very serious condition. Not operable (after laparotomy period). Strong general weakness, pain in the region of liver, depressive condition, severe constipation, vomiting.
GA-40 - Therapy: Two courses of treatment with GA-40 monotherapy.
Physician's Report: Positive dynamics of general biochemical and immunological indices of blood. No side effects observed. Pain considerably abated, the patient became active, capacity for work increased, vomiting ceased, face skin color normalized.
Patient's Report: I want the treatment with GA-4 0 to be continued.

​22. Patient N.O.Sh., 72 years old (female).
Diagnosis: Tumor of the duodenum with metastases in the liver. A serious condition, severe pain. The face skin color gets more and more yellow. Severe constipation, vomiting.
GA-40 - Therapy: Single course of treatment with GA-40 monotherapy.
Physician's Report: Positive dynamics of general biochemical and immunological indices of blood. No side effects observed. Vomiting considerably abated, pain relieved, face skin color stabilized, intestines' work normalized.
Patient's Report: I feel better

23. Patient S.J.B., 56 years old (female).
Diagnosis: Stomach cancer with metastases in the liver. A serious condition, hardening in the region of epigastrium, the liver is enlarged, color of the face yellow, frequent vomiting, severe constipation. The relatives strongly refused the continuation of chemotherapy.
GA-40 - Therapy: Single course of treatment with GA-40. The treatment continues.
Physician's Report: Positive dynamics of general biochemical and immunological indices of blood. No side effects observed. No pain, softening in the region of epigastrium, vomiting ceased (occasional feelings of nausea remains), face skin color normalized. Intestines' work normalized; the desire of variety in the diet.
Patient's Report: I feel well. Have the hope of recovery.

24. Patient Ia I. 62, male.
Diagnosis: At the Tbilisi Oncological Center urine bladder transitional cell carcinoma was established and verified by the study of tumor histological structure (#17037-39,).
An operation - urine bladder partial resection with left side urethrocystostomy - had been carried out. After the operation, prophylactic chemotherapy was planned, but the patient refused categorically.
A relapse of the process occurred, which was testified by computer tomography (#831,). There was observed filling defect on the left lateral wall of the urine bladder - soft tissue neoplasm of size 3x2 cm, with uneven and indistinct contours. On the right side wall, there was also observed lxl cm tissue neoplasm.
The patient underwent a Turi operation, during which the above neoplasms were cauterized. Chemotherapy was also conducted using paraplatine, adriablastine, metatrexsate, and vincristine.
In summer new complaints started: pains in the urine bladder projection region, blood, and pieces of ragged formations in the urine. Ultrasonic investigations of the abdominal cavity and urine bladder showed: spherically shaped urine bladder with uneven contours; 3.6x3.9 cm voluminous neoplasm fixed on the left side wall, which was penetrating all the layers of the urine bladder. The patient refused chemotherapy and treatment in specialized medical establishments and asked for the GA-40 treatment.
GA-40 therapy: 8 courses of GA-40 treatment were conducted on the patient (administered doses were 2mkg/kg):
Physicians report: The patient's condition changed significantly: he feels much better, became more active, pains in the urine bladder projection region disappeared, urine became normal without blood and ragged formations; ultrasonic urine bladder investigations (January 14, 1997) showed significant shrinking of the neoplasm: 3.2x2.0 cm. computer tomography and ultrasonic investigations showed no pathologies.
Conclusion - full regression of the tumor.
Patient's report: I am feeling well; I want to use GA-40 life long.

25. Patient K. L., 50, female.
Diagnosis: Right mammary gland cancer. Radical resection by means of radiosurgery was carried out. After this progression of the disease was revealed: numerous metastases in the liver; cancer cell complexes in lymphatic vessels; hyperplasia in lymphatic podes. Examination and treatment were carried out in the Oncological Center at RAMS (Moscow) by the use of computer tomography, ultrasonic investigation, and angiography. ultrasonic investigations: oval zone of the size 4.4x3.6x5.2 cm was found out in segment IV of the liver, computer tomography: oval zone of the size 3.0x4.9 cm was found out in segment IV of the liver. liver angiography: oval growth in the form of two decantating nodes of the sizes 6x7 and 3x2.8 cm, and near above - a node 1.8 cm in diameter in the central sections of the right part of the liver.
Treatment. six courses of polychemotherapy according to the scheme SAF: dixorubicine 50 mg/m2, 5-fluoracile - 500 mg/m2, cyclophosphane 500 mg/m2.
GA-40 theraphy . started on 08.24.96 and is being continued up to present time. Dosage: 2mg/kg. One course of the treatment included 8 injections (one injection a day) during the first 8 days and 7 injections (one injection every other day) afterward. The time interval between the courses was 14 days.
Physicians report . After 6 courses of chemotherapy and 3 courses of GA-40 treatment, computed tomography was carried out: in the 4th segment of liver a zone of size 2x1.8cm was observed. In other segments of liver no pathology observed. After 8 courses of GA-40 treatment computer tomography, angiography and ultrasonic investigations were carried out: peripheral lymphatic nodes not enlarged, in the right mammary gland after-operational scar without any signs of relapses, complete regression of the tumor in liver, no metastases observed.
The patient is feeling well. She is asking for continuation of GA-40 treatment for prophylactic purposes.

26. Patient G. G. K, 55 years old.
The disease began with slight general weakness, pains in the chest region, coughs, and the presence of small quantities of blood in sputum. The patient was investigated at the Tbilisi Oncological Center and among other tests, there were used computer tomography and tracheobronchoscopy. After verification of obtained data right lung central tumor - adenocarcinoma was established. The treatment with GA-40 was started and in all 4 courses were conducted up to present day. Simultaneously single courses of polychemotherapy and radiotherapy with the dose 40 Gray were carried out. At present the patient feels satisfactorily well, general weakness is less expressed, pains in the chest region and coughs with bloody sputum are no longer observed, habitus is significantly improved, X-ray analyses show positive dynamics, general blood parameters are normal, the patient gained weight. The treatment with GA-40 is being continued.

27. Patient V.l. Ulyanovsk
My wife is 56 years old, the diagnosis - pleura mesothelioma, refused chemotherapy, was treated with GA-40.
I will briefly describe subjective conclusions about the application of GA-40. After 12-14 injections the condition of my wife became noticeable to improve: dry cough started disappearing, the mood improved, the sleep began to return to normal. After the end of the 1st cycle we have the following result:
1. Cough disappeared almost completely.
2. The dream was normalized, appetite returned to normal.
3. Color of integuments got normal, healthy coloring.
4. Daily walks for 2-3 hours do not cause fatigue as it was before, after 40 minutes.
5. The mood is better, though the depression occasionally is still shown that is quite clear.
6. After a 4-day rest the 2nd cycle started. Noticeable improvement gives hope therefore the preparation on 3 cycles is ordered and paid. We understand that GA-40 is our chance! We will apply further as many as it will be necessary.
I can assure that by my (subjective) estimates the condition of my wife considerably improved and gradually continues to improve and at total absence of any by-effects.
At the end of the 8-day rest between 2nd and 3rd courses, we made ultrasonography. Ultrasonography showed the existence of liquid in the left pleural area in the number of 180 milliliters that is less than the previous value (220 ml). Stability (or some progress) is shown. That the increase in quantity is not present - makes happy, gives to hope, and confirms our hope for GA-40.
In the middle of the 3rd cycle official oncologists three times within a week did a puncture and cytology of pleural liquid. None of the analyses revealed harmful cells. About it there is an official conclusion. They did not know that we apply GA-40, as different doctors were carrying out all manipulations and analyses in my opinion, excludes a mistake.
Vladimir, Ulyanovsk.

​28. Patient K. K. New York
Hello! The tumor of a stomach of the 4th stage, not operable, was diagnosed with my mother. Doctors cannot help, and they even do not hope on chemotherapy, they said that in our case it won't yield results, but all of us equally insisted because it is impossible to be idle and wait for the end!
Mother carried chemotherapy very hard, she lost appetite, she had disgust for food, depression, weakness, diarrhea and organism dehydration. Mother did not leave the hospital, all this nightmare continued till December when we started giving GA-40 injections. IT IS THE MIRACLE!!! After the course beginning mother felt much better, forces started being restored, appetite recovered, a mother was discharged from the hospital, started working and leading a normal life, though continued to accept "chemotherapy", recovered on 7 kg.
Since then we did not stop GA-40 injection within 8 months and the result simply stunning: disappeared all! Metastasis! The tumor considerably decreased, excellent health. Doctors make a helpless gesture, saying this is a miracle! Many thanks to all who stands behind the production of GA-40 and first of all the professor Alexidze!
Sincerely, K.K.New York

29. Patient M.A. Yekaterinburg
Hello dear doctors and certainly inventor of the medicine. I want to thank all of you!!!
My grandmother was 79 years old when we started applying GA-40. 10 years ago my grandmother has diagnosed a cancer of a mammary gland, they removed a breast, did radiation chemistry. 10 years later, in another breast there appeared a tumor and metastasis in a liver. She took a course of hormonal therapy, the tumor in a breast disappeared, metastasis decreased by 80%. But pains preceded, vessels hurt. My grandmother practically ceased to go. She ceased to apply a hormonal therapy and we got GA-40 immucor. She injected 3 courses. The difference was clear. The general state improved, she did not suffer pains, grandmother started to move, sleep, and lead a normal life. Joints, the head, liver ceased to hurt at all. Unfortunately, the course of a hormonal therapy washed up all calcium from her organism, and she injured a hip neck and exactly a month after she died. All of us understand that she died not from cancer, not from a metastasis; it means she overcame her illness by means of your medicine. Therefore I want to thank once again all doctors and the founder of this remarkable preparation. You work wonders, continue in the same spirit. If not our case and if we had learned about your medicine slightly earlier - everything would sure be developed another way! !!! This medicine was advised us by our acquaintance who here the 2nd year gives life to her mother and hope while in the hospital they guaranteed some weeks, days of life.
Dear patients and their relatives you are really given the chance!


30. Patient S.K. Kazakhstan, Almaty
We gave this drug to my uncle; he had the 4th stage of cancer of a stomach. But, unfortunately, it was too late, he left us 5 days ago. I would like to tell that right after use of GA-40 my uncle had an appetite, he even got up, the mood improved and there was a hope that he, after all, will defeat the illness. It did not occur, but I want to say that if we knew about this drug earlier and started giving it still before the final stages, he would be still with us. So, I ask the GA-40 developers to bring it actively to the people. I will prompt to in return needing people about this preparation and probably it will help them. Thank you for your work!

31. Patient K. N. Moscow
Heartily there is a wish to thank founders of GA-40! My sister accepts this medicine for 2 years. Diagnosis: invasive lobular cancer with radiological pathomorphosis, the 4th stage, multiple mts in bones, lungs, polyfocal pathological process of tumor character in a head brain (MTS with-r). The last chemotherapy was in 2006 - prognosis - 3 months of life. Absolutely incidentally, from acquaintances, we learned about GA-40. Against treatment quality of life improved, indicators of an oncomarker (SA-153> 30) decreased from 4000 to 2500. The state was stabilized, mts in the lungs disappeared absolutely! When I came to the oncologist and show my sister well-dressed, with make-up, active, all unanimously say that it is a miracle, such can't be. But I do not talk about GA-40 to doctors since they surely will start running down this remarkable medicine and to prove something is useless. Once again thanks to the founders of GA-40 and to consulting physicians.

32. Patient Sabuxi, Baku
Hello! I write the first time. I am very grateful for the GA-40 treatments. My brother has pancreas cancer. We take already the 4th course. Analyses, tomography answers all in norm thanks to GA-40. I thank the doctor consultant Marina Vladimirovna Domracheva for advice and consultations. Many thanks to you!

33. Patient N.A. Zhukovsky
My respect, many human thanks, wish health, happiness, achievements both in life and in further development on the rescue of mankind from oncology to you, professor, Giorgi Alexidze. Soon operation on which I could not decide for three years. Whole 2008 I apply the medicine GA-40 and thanks to your medicine, doctors defined a condition of my health, as operable. I trust and hope for success.

34. Patient D. N. Russia, Siberia
Hello. I will write about an illness (oncology) and treatment of my mother. Age - 57 years. The disease beginning on symptoms – October, 2006 (fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath; stomach ache, side, sometimes nausea; often diarrhea; bad urination, losing weight on 15 kg).
Diagnosis: Diffuse stage a B-cellular Lymphoma with damage of the right ovary (a tumor of 15x10x11 cm), the retroperitoneal lymph nodes. Complication: pleurisy on the right, ascites. Morphological research of a sternal puncture of marrow: proliferation of blast cells to 10% is noted (IHC of marrow was not carried out).
December, 2006 – operation: uterus extirpation with appendages, resection of a big epiploon. We started to apply GA-40 since December 18, 2006 (even before operation).
10 courses of chemotherapy against GA-40 are passed. Pleurisy and ascites is not present. State - unconfirmed remission. We continue GA-40 and supporting therapy by Mabtera.
According to doctors: very good effects from treatment. Accompanying disease – chronic calculous cholecystitis. Remission against GA-40.
Further, I will state my subjective supervision. I emphasize subjectively but based on the continuously interesting supervision over a treatment course. I am not a doctor but is often from the patient and relatives a lot of things depend.
1) On the carried-out treatment I consider that GA-40 – our main medical preparation, and also Mabtera which was added by oncologists to chemotherapy since the 7thcourse, i.e. since July, 2007 (thanks to doctors), we could survive till present thanks to GA-40.
2) GA-40 really reduces the toxic action of the chemotherapy. My mother after operation was one of the weakest women in hospital ward. She carried out two very heavy courses of chemotherapy. Following four ones – heavy. All courses of chemotherapy were passed in the put terms without very serious by-effects. I saw in the same hospital ward the woman by sight stronger and young failed chemotherapy or waited for injection longer because blood indicators were no in the norm.
3) I don't know how seams after operation have to heal, but we had very big operation and heavy. Seams began to live much quicker than doctors believed. I confirm that GA-40 accelerates processes of postoperative restoration.
4) General health. I personally observed how the health improved after GA-40 injection in certain cases. And generally, the health is now incomparably better, than a year or half a year ago. Mother works lead a mobile life, and subjectively feels normally. Why I made entry in the guest book? All of us are relatives, or those who pass treatment, probably we can't be sure that the illness is won up to the end. And once again there is no wish to write about it certainly. But I remember myself when we learned that it is the oncology started. It was shocking. I am happy to find GA-40 medicine in the Internet. It is difficult to decide on treatment, but there was no other option. The guest book very much helped us.
I remember our carelessness. We could take earlier. And after all to summaries of GA-40 it is written about application of this preparation and in the preventive purposes. Now, after a year I can tell – the earlier we would begin GA-40, the better. I hope that we weren't late.
Lack of by-effects of GA-40 was one of the most important points. There is no it, don't know, we would decide on GA-40 or not. Now we know that GA-40 very well helps at our diagnosis, and then we didn't know about the diagnosis. But we judged – collateral is not present, medicine can help, should not do much harm, it is necessary to apply.
I want to thank Gogitidze Zurab Davidovich – the chief physician of the ALEXIS Advice center. After conversation with him when I told our situation, we decided to apply the medicine GA-40. He conducted our treatment all this time. We had difficult situations from the beginning of application of GA-40 (it was very difficult to convince our doctors), with diagnosis statement, with treatment tactics (we raised questions on treatment, not all the doctors approve it), an illness, chemotherapy. And in parallel with all questions, we remotely consulted by e-mail and by phone to Zurab Davidovich. Some questions were answered only by him. Except for medical recommendations, I always felt his human support.
I thank Alexidze Giorgi Yagoyevich for his remarkable medicine GA-40. All the time while we were treated, we knew that except that treatment which was carried out, we have GA-40 – our little friend and the savior.
I have a birthday on December 27. I am a little emotional. But I have a reason. Today we finished consolidating therapy in an oncology clinic. Everything goes well, Thank God! 
Thank you, Sons, of Georgia!
Who has suspicions on oncology, I want to tell – you call doctor consultants and explain the situation. The decision is up to you. But do not waste time!

35. Patient Y.L. Belgorod
Hello, I want to write that to my mother (the diagnosis of cancer of a stomach of 4th stage with metastasis), conducted three courses of chemotherapy and 3 courses of GA-40. And before the third year of chemotherapy they did examinations, blood was within norm, liquid completely left an abdominal cavity. New metastasis is not observed and if present, they have not any progress. And probably the most joyful that no stomach disintegration. Also I read in reports that the fatigue leaves - this is real. Appetite restored. Less stomach-ache. The effect of the medicine is visible, very happy for it.

36. Patient A. K. Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan
For my mother (64 years) - in September, 2006 they diagnosed the cancer of a breast, a stage 3B, breast reddening was observed. Started doing chemotherapy, at the same time injected the course GA-40. The first chemotherapy was carried out well, after the second one, because of heavy passing of a course we made the decision to refuse the subsequent courses of chemotherapy. After consultation with Zurab Davidovich continued GA-40 treatment. In total accepted 7 courses. On ultrasonography inspection in May 2007 the tumor practically was not observed. Physicians are surprised. Now we inject preventive courses (4 courses a year) and we hope that everything will be all right. Thanks a lot to all founders of the medicine GA-40 and certainly to Zurab Davidovich. You give hope to people. God grant to you health!
Yours faithfully, Alexey

37. Patient S. A. Russia
At my mother (71 years old) they removed a cancer of a breast nine years ago, almost a year ago (July 2006) found metastasises in both lungs and a mediastinum, voice was gone, a state was very heavy: short wind, cough. In August started injection of GA-40, the state considerably improved, she walks herself, does light housekeeping, the voice did not appear, the cough became less, short wind, a state of health changeably happens on worse and better here ten months from the date of treatment of GA-40. We hope for the best and we will continue to treat with GA-40.

38. Patient A.Y. Ryazan
Hello! My wife had cancer of a neck of the uterus. In September-October, 2006 they carried out radiation therapy, but in December she had a fever and the whole month district doctors treated for ARVI and flu, and had complications with kidneys. After treatment of kidneys (they diagnosed nephrostomy) within nearly a month sent to oncology dispensary. After inspection, it appeared that metastasis went to the lungs. Doctors told on March 7 that already senselessly to treat traditional methods. Then I got the preparation GA-40. Yesterday I had to inject her 21st injection, but to my huge grief, her heart did not sustain and on 29.03.07 at 21.10 she died. If not your medicine, she probably would die even earlier as after the course beginning temperature stabilized at once, pressure and blood analyses improved. I very much believed in the help of your medicine, but her heart did not sustain, she was very weakened by physically long treatment. Thank you that you give hope to people and you help people, darlings, fight up to the end, use every chance, and do not despair at all.

39. Patient T. G. Belarus
Good day! I wish to leave my supervisions (I am a doctor, but not the oncologist) at a cancer therapy of a stomach of 4th stage., carcinomatosis peritoneum, metastasis in the left at Virkhov, ascites (15 l), the woman is 65 years old. Results surprised our oncologists, after all, she in general was refused any treatment, but after the 1stcourse of Virkhov is not palpated, liquid does not collect, recovered, integuments of pink color, and was icteric. Now she takes the 2 nd course and we hope for the best. I will be glad if my message helps someone and will lodge in your soul hope for the best. I wish all of you good luck and absolute recovery.
Yours faithfully Tatyana Vladimirovna!

​40. Patient O. D. Moscow
At the end of December on the basis of scraping the cervical dysplasia was diagnosed for me in the 3rd stage with threat of transition to cancer. Repeated scrape in January confirmed the diagnosis. Glasses were reconsidered in an oncodespantser on Bauman. The operation, amputation of the uterine cervix is offered. Oncologist recommended to carry out anti-inflammatory treatment before surgical intervention. I started to treat homeopathic medicines. In 3 weeks after initiation of treatment, the inflammatory process was suppressed, at the survey of a neck of a uterus on the border of the cervical channel the accurate iodine negative zone was shown. Were taken separate scrape from this zone and from the uterus neck. Glasses looked in an oncodespantser on Bauman. On a neck a dysplasia stage 3, on an iodine negative zone "at least: cancer incite". It is recommended to prepare for the operation, to apply for a course the immune-stimulating medicines, and to take a biopsy of a neck of a uterus and a diagnostic scraping of the cervical channel. As an immune stimulator, I chose GA-40. 4 days after the beginning of a course of treatment, I handed over the blood on an oncomarker. At norm 1.5 there was 1.7. In 12 days (half of a medicine course) the biopsy of iodine negative zone and a channel biopsy were made. The result from both there and there was the 2nd stage of dysplasia of a neck of a uterus. At present the attending physician recommends continuing treatment by immune-stimulating preparations, to refrain from the operation. Diagnoses "cancer" and "precancer" are removed! I plan to be treated by GA-40. I thank the founders of the medicine and consulting physicians.
Olga Drozdova, 44 years.

41. Patient Y.G. Novosibirsk
Fourteen months after operation "cancer of an ovary" the 3rd stage, ascites, 12 times carried out chemotherapy. Patient of 45 years. On the 10th month of treatment, there was a recurrence - a new tumor. Started applying GA-40 against chemotherapy.
Yesterday my wife passed a planned inspection in the clinic and here the result
1. The recurrent tumor resolved completely and turned into a firm scar of the size of a pea. At the beginning of secondary treatment it was 4 cm.
2. Oncomarker CA 125 had the following dynamics: (from disease recurrence)
1 month 35
2 month 23
3 month 15
4 month 13
3. It is carried out the 4th chemotherapy Taksoter + Platidiam against 3 courses on 24 injections on 60 mkl by GA-40 with a break in 7 days. (Weight of patient 60 kg).
4. Other manifestations of an onco activity are not present. Resistance to chemotherapy is not present in spite of the fact that the total of sessions of chemotherapy with these preparations in 14 months made 12 sessions.
5. If during the first group of sessions of chemotherapy there was a full allopetion (hair loss), at background application together with chemotherapy GA-40 is observed only a partial allopetion, percent on 20-30. Hair slowly began to grow. Heavy toxicosis after sessions of chemotherapy passes in 2-3 days, against sessions without GA-40 background till 10 days.
Now started the following course of chemotherapy and a planned break with GA-40 for 7 days, then we will begin the 4th course GA-40. The consultation which estimated a condition of the patient remained in good bewilderment by the result of a condition of a tumor and all treatment: say that at recurrence which was is a rare result. The treatment plan at them is following - in a month the 6th chemotherapy, for the fixing, the reduced dose of preparations if stabilization of process is fixed, will increase term between chemotherapy sessions for 3 months, instead of 4 weeks. The patient leads the usual life. Upon termination of the application of chemotherapy, we will use GA-40, it is obvious that remission is reached by means of this preparation. Thanks to the author of medicine!

​42. Patient O. D. Yekaterinburg
In April 2009 my mother delivered the diagnosis cancer of a large intestine (adenocarcinoma) 4th stage (metastasizes in a liver, lungs). We refused operation (in June 2009 in an urgent order imposed on colostomy). Within a year conducted 15 courses PTCs. All this time conducted courses of injections of a GA-40 (12-13 times) your preparation helps to remove intoxication from TC.

43. Patient S. A. Tbilisi
Mother is 85 years old. Adenocarcinoma of the rectum. We use medicine for 5 years. Even at its irregular application the state considerably improved: there was an appetite, raised organism resilience to infections, the general tone raised, the discomfort in a rectum decreased.

44. Patient K. P. Tbilisi
Polyneuropathy, caused by chemotherapy and radiation therapy. After the 15 th injection, there were reflexes of toes. Improvement of granulation of tissues of a trachea. Partial improvement of immunity. After the 6th course positive dynamics in the reduction of the sizes of lymph nodes of a sredosteniye.

45. Patient K. M. Novosibirsk
The diagnosis - hepatitis C. I completed 2 courses. For the first time after the moment of the statement of the diagnosis, biochemical indicators of ALT and the nuclear heating plant returned to normal. Before, the norm was always 3-4 times higher in spite of the fact that I always supported a liver with various drugs. The wild fatigue disappeared. In general, the state considerably improved

46. SREĆKO JURDANA Zagreb, Croatia.
Dear Mr. Alexidze,
My name is Srećko Jurdana, I'm from Zagreb, Croatia. Having a metastatic colon cancer I'm in a need for therapy. I've heard that GA-40 which many people in Zagreb have been taking successfully - Reverend Friendly for instance, and others - might be doing the job. Can you provide me this therapy? I rather desperately need it and would be very thankful for your help.
Many greetings, Srećko Jurdana

47. Andrij Savyak, Ukraine Lvov
Hello, please, could you help me. I would like to order medicine for cancer Ga-40. We know a lot about this medicine. Is it possible to order it through the mail? How much would cost one box? We would need 5 boxes. I live in Ukraine Lvov. Thank you for your answer. Sincerely,

48. Virna Knez, Croatia.
Dear dr. Alexidze!
I am writing to you because I need your help and advice.
My name is Virna and I'm from Croatia. My mum, she is 60 years old, had metastases at pleura. 10 years ago she operated breast cancer. I have found witnesses of many people who have been cured by your drug GA-40. I can't find where to buy the same medicine, so I have decided to ask for your help. Please tell me can we buy the GA-40 without the prescription and if we can where to find and at which way we can get them? The situation is very serious and this is an emergency case so, please give me instructions and your advice, of course, if you have one, as soon as possible.
Thanks in advance, Virna Knez, Croatia1.


49. Patient Dz.S.D., 3 years old (female).
Diagnosis: Acute megakaryoblastic leukemia - M7 (FAB). It was carried out repeated courses of chemotherapy by the scheme: BFM-ALL-90, block MNL-BFM-90AA, but full and stable remission was not reached. Physicians' conclusion: state of a child's health is very serious, the diagnosis has no prospect, necessity of marrow transplantation. Analysis of marrow puncture: undifferentiated blasts - 44.75%, neutrophils - 10%, lymphocytes - 8%, platelets -single in number.
GA-40-Therapy: Single course of treatment with GA-40 monotherapy.
Physician's Report: At the beginning of treatment the child was in a coma. After the course of treatment, the child came out from a hopeless state, began to walk and play with other - children. Partial remission was reached. Analysis of marrow puncture after the treatment: blasts 0 %, neutrophils - 68%, lymphocytes - 5.25%, platelets - 40.0%
Parents' Report: The child feels well.

50. Patient: Vaja Otarashvili, Tbilisi, Georgia.

On Tuesday, March 27, 2018, 11:37:47 AM GMT + 4, Vaja Otarashvili <vaja.otarashvili@yahoo.com> wrote:

In November 2016, I was diagnosed with malignant prostate cancer of the present gland by biopsy and morphological examination (stage II), which was confirmed by an examination conducted at a foreign clinic (Germany). PSA was within 14-17. In February 2017, I started intensive treatment with GA-40, a drug invented by the excellent Georgian scientist Giorgi Alexidze. I have not had any chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery and I do not have any more tightening because this unique drug GA-40 has completely cured of cancer. As evidenced by the analysis, rejuvenation, and full of energy, I live an active life. The medicine strengthens my immune system, During years  I do not get the flu virus, I have an ideal blood test, it has rejuvenated my body, it has kept the fungus on my feet, it has made the functioning of all my organs amazing. Many thanks to this nobleman - Mr. Giorgi Alexidze. I am proud that the discoverer of this drug is a Georgian man, a worthy son of a worthy historical family.

51. Patient: Tbilisi, Georgia.

 Name: G. Mgaloblishvili. mgaloblishvili75@gmail.com

 Cytological examination: Lymphocytoma cutis, or Spiegler-Fendt sarcoid. I am sending you my tests, on the basis of which I was prescribed chemotherapy, but I did not. According to the doctors, without chemotherapy, I had no chance of life. According to their forecast, from now on I should be very bad. Making GA-40, with which I started every day, I see a positive result every day. I feel fine, nothing bothers me. The tumor has decreased and the color has changed.

Best regards, Giorgi Mgaloblishvili

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