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We believe that discovering innovative holistic medicines 

address the most serious unmet medical needs of our time.

Our company scientists are breaking new ground in the discovery & development of innovative natural origin holistic medicines

Our Company


All the activities of our Company are aimed at creating Innovative Holistic Medicines. 

Our Innovation


Alexis Company at first uses plant origin natural peptides as Holistic Medicines.

They have no analogs in the world

Our Caring


 Our caring is always the same: to deliver harmless and high clinical efficacy innovative therapeutic medicines, which are valuable for patients, physicians, and health care systems around the world.


Our Vision


The strategy of the company Alexis is to create and introduce innovative, safe, and highly effective holistic drugs in clinical medicine.

As is well known, the holistic concept of treatment and holistic drugs and methods, unlike the localistic concept of traditional medical treatment, treat not only the symptoms of the disease but also the primary causes and the disease itself.

The diagnostics of modern traditional medicine, therapeutic chemicals, and therapeutic methods do not meet the safe and highly effective treatment of patients. Such a situation in the field of medicine has led to the need to change and replace medicines and treatment methods in the 21st century.

To this end, in the developed countries of the world, a new era of biological treatment is developing rapidly, which involves the use of natural protective and restorative, safe, and highly effective, holistic treatment methods and medicines. Holistic treatment methods involve an individual approach to each patient, using traditional and non-traditional medicine treatment methods and medications in combination. Such an approach ensures the blocking of pathological processes in the body, the restoration of disturbed structural-functional balance in the body, and at the same time, the direct impact on the underlying disease, such as tumor formation, with careful and of well-thought-out traditional methods of treatment (surgery, chemoradiotherapy and hormone therapy).

Only traditional medicine treatment methods are acceptable to the followers of the localist concept, while the followers of the holistic concept consider it appropriate to use an individual approach, non-traditional medicine treatment methods, and, at the same time, using cautious, saving traditional medicine methods. Accordingly, the holistic concept of treatment recognizes that the followers of these two camps, traditional and non-traditional medicine, are falsely engaged in a fierce controversy.


Recently, a lot of scientific material has been accumulated on the advantages of using holistic treatment methods and medicines in combination with the standard methods of traditional medicine. Many holistic clinics are being opened, where patients with cancer and other serious diseases are being treated quite successfully. According to the statistics provided by these clinics, there are very high rates of cure (85%).

Based on our strategy (creation of holistic, safe, and highly effective innovative therapies), the company conducts research mainly in the following areas: identification of biologically active natural peptides that carry various information from medicinal plants, creating complexes of peptide spectrum with different pharmacological properties from them selectively and its introduction into clinical medicine as a holistic remedy.

For the first time in our company, under the authorship and leadership of Prof. George Aleksidze, the foundation was laid for the development of this direction. Its prospects were indicated by the results of scientific research that began in the 90s. The results of this study revealed that plants, as well as animal and human organisms, contain biologically active polypeptides and peptides that carry specific information. It has also been found that plant peptides, like animal peptides, are carriers of similar information, have similar physiological activity and mechanisms of action to target cells in the human body.

It is known from the scientific literature that the family of human and animal peptides includes biologically active peptides such as tumor necrosis factor, interferons, interleukins, growth factors, cytokines, chemokines, peptide hormones, antimicrobials, immunosuppressant, immunostimulants, immunocorrectors, and also other peptides that are fragments of precursor proteins. Peptides, like proteins, are made up of amino acids. Unlike proteins, peptides are small in size and consist of 2-40 amino acids. Due to their small size, they are easily absorbed and transported by the body to tissues, where they interact with the membrane receptors of target cells (glycoproteins, glycolipids, lectins) and transmit to the cell the information contained in them in the form of a certain sequence of amino acids. The interaction between peptides and membrane receptors located on the cell surface is based on a specific ligand-receptor interaction that ensures the transmission of information delivered by peptides into cells and regulatory action on cell viability, within very small (micro, nano, and pico) frames.


Regulatory peptides control metabolic processes in the cell, protect it from the effects of toxins, remove decomposed products, promote the supply of nutrients to the organs, normalize their functioning and repair damaged tissues, protect the body against functions, restore energy and vitality, improve mood, rejuvenate and prolong life. However, with age and various pathologies, there is a deficiency of regulatory peptides in the body, which leads to the emergence of a number of diseases and premature aging of the body.

The research work of our company focuses on the identification of exactly such regulatory plant polypeptides and peptides and the creation of holistic therapeutic agents with broad pharmacological properties from them. They include cancer cell-killing peptides, immunomodulators, fibroblast growth factor, antioxidants, antiangiogenic, antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic, removing heavy metals, and other peptides with other pharmacological properties. 

The medicinal preparations developed by the scientists of our company from regulatory peptides act in very small concentrations (micro, nano, and pico), they transfer the necessary information in the right places of the body, coordinating the processes of restoration, maintenance, and protection of the vital activity of the organism. They restore and launch endogenous processes inherent for the body, which determines their harmlessness and high efficiency of the therapeutic effect not only on the target organs of the disease but also the restoration of the disturbed balance of the whole organism.

Consequently, our 100% natural and completely safe medicines have a unique variety of healing properties. This is evidenced by the study of safety, preclinical and clinical trials, the results of which showed that they are practically absolutely harmless to the body and have high therapeutic efficacy in oncological, infectious-inflammatory, autoimmune, and more other diseases; They have the ability to compensate and regenerate cells, organs, restore energy and vitality, rejuvenate and prolong life.

We believe that holistic therapeutic drugs created on the basis of biologically active natural peptides, with a wide range of pharmacological activity, in the near future will be able to replace many not completely harmless and low therapeutically effective chemical drugs currently used.

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